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Money Management and its sister company Information Systems Inc is a South Florida - North Carolina based collection and asset management firm. The firm has been in business for 15+ years and the parent company to Money Management and its staff are dedicated to collecting receivables for large and small companies in the United States and World Wide. The goal of Money Management is to recover delinquent debt as quickly as possible or bury it in the graveyard of debt. For this reason we rely strongly on our collection software, CasetrackerLaw, a web based collection software technology that allows Money Management to give their clients access to their claims 24 / 7. When a claim is placed or submitted, the firm will receive notice advising them that a new claim is waiting and within seconds, the claim is acknowledged and the first call is made. A creditor can ultimately have an update on a claim within minutes of submitting it.

Rates: Our firm works on a contingency fee only, no contract is required as we give you the software free to manage your receivables. Our average contingency rate varies from 15% to 35% depending on the factors involved. We have several options to offer our clients:

Imagine placing a claim or thousands of claims electronically and monitoring them all 24 / 7 just by accessing the Internet with your username and password.

Imagine getting updates via our automated email status email system every 6 to 10 days or having the ability to view payments, status notes and all documents digitally attached. There is an endless supply of various reports at your fingertips and if there's a report you need, all you have to do is tell us. With Money Management, transparency is vital to our clients and it gives them the reassurance that their claims are being worked properly. A plethora of information is provided at your fingertips.

Some perks that we offer:

  • Free web-based software where your data will be stored for years to come.
  • Access to your claims 24 / 7 via any Internet browser.
  • Debtor profile or asset search on any claim you place.
  • We will locate someone for you at no charge.
  • Pre-screening employment or social security verification is usually provided at no cost to our clients.
  • We also provide bank searches and place of employment for a nominal fee.
  • 10 day demand letter - create your own with our system. (No charge)
  • I think you will find our rates are less than competitive and we provide you the best technology in collection software on the market. We provide a company with an impeccable reputation and are a member of the CLLA. Your data will always be organized in any format that you want and can be stored indefinitely.

    We believe debt should never stop moving and if it does, our system does not allow a debt to get lost or end up at the bottom of someone's files. Our belief is that a debt should be worked for 90 days and at that point it should be moved to the next level and during the next 60-90 day period the debt should be worked by a collection attorney or litigated. Sometimes one only has to file suit to bring the debtor to the table.

    Our firm represents companies all around the world, as we have hundreds of attorneys and agencies that we place business with depending upon the nature of the debt. We currently have over 10,000 credit managers that place debt through our systems.

    If you are tired of empty promises from your client, contact our office to schedule a free online demo of the system and let us recover your money.

    Anyone who knows us will tell you that you can't beat our system and recovery.

    References are available upon request.